Ripoff Report Package

Rip Off Report is a very damaging website. If you have conducted even a little research about this website and the people who manage it you know they are impossible to deal with. They do not care that almost every single report is false and planted by a competitor or disgruntled former employee. There is no way to have any Rip Off Report deleted from the website. They openly challenge people to sue them because they know that they are protected by the current laws. Until the laws change, we offer the only effective solution to fight Rip Off Report. The service is a long-term solution that decreases the visibility of the Rip Off Report and builds in protections from future threats.


Our service is designed to work quickly and efficiently, pushing your Rip Off Report past the 1st page of your Google results. A recent survey by iProspect shows that 90% of search engine users stop their search within the first few pages. Other surveys place this number at over 95%. Once we push your report back it is as good as deleted.

Our process consists of a soft PR campaign that promotes created and pre-existing positive content to surpass your Rip Off Report. Solutions can be custom designed to push it back even further.

Our service consists of an annual fee. We offer various levels of service and a representative can determine which level works best through a quick phone call. The services are designed to address both the number of Rip Off Reports you have and how far you would like the reports to be pushed back in the search engines.

It is important to know how many Rip Off Reports you have before you sign up for our service. You may have only one report showing up in your Google results but there may be more at The easiest way to know how many reports you have is to use the Search function on Enter your name and you will see how many reports you have. If you are unsure of the number of reports please contact us for further assistance.