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Our Process

Over the years we have developed some very unique and effective methods for removing your name from the major search engines.

The concept of entirely deleting your name from Google, Yahoo and Bing does not always exist. Once a negative item is indexed it could stay there forever. In order for these posts to be removed or displaced from the search engines we have to replace them with positive information about you or your company. If no action is taken the negative information will likely remain in place forever.


Our process begins to work right away. Each case varies on both the amount and depth of negative information. In most cases our company will have your name removed from Google, Bing and Yahoo within a few months. We have experienced cases where our process worked in one week. We have also experienced cases that required nine months to push away the negative information. We will replace the negative information that could give you or your company a bad reputation with positive information.

There are other companies who offer this type of service. They charge more than five times our fee and they are much less effective. Basically they go to popular web sites and insert your name into topic posts and comments. This technique can sometimes be effective but usually the new information will not rank high enough to displace your negative information. We use a wide variety of techniques to promote positive information about you or your company. Search engines do not always rank web sites in a predictable way. It is important to use a diversified approach so all of the bases are covered. We will remove or displace negative information that could be harmful for you or your company's reputation.